Delta Wine Company Rose and Barrys Bay Cheese

Delta Wine and Barrys Bay Cheese - The Perfect Pair

The Delta Wine Co. was delighted to be a sponsor at the New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards 2019, not only providing the wine for the evening, but also sponsoring the award for Champion Flavoured Cheese.

The NZ Champions of Cheese Awards, run by the New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers Association, celebrates and promotes the development of the New Zealand cheese industry. Judged by an independent and expert team, the awards honour technical excellence in the making of New Zealand cheese and showcase the extraordinary diversity and superb quality of the country’s cheeses. 

It was with absolute pleasure that Alison, our Delta Brand Manager, presented the award to Barrys Bay Cheese, for their magnificent Peppered Havarti, beating out fierce competition from the likes of Meyer Cheese, Clevedon Buffalo Ltd and The Drunken Nanny.

Barrys Bay has been producing beautiful cheeses since 1895, being one of nine small, family-owned dairy cooperatives that existed on Banks Peninsula. Before long, most of these cooperatives fell by the wayside, leaving Barrys Bay Cheese as the last outpost of traditional cheesemaking in the area. Since then they have persevered with traditional cheese making methods believing that all the extra time and love put into the production of cheese means the creation of a superior product. 

Here at the Delta Wine Co. we couldn’t agree more! To celebrate their recent win (and unashamedly have a good excuse to indulge in some cheese!) we decided to explore a range of Barrys Bay cheese and hold our very own wine and cheese pairing options with our winemakers. We’ve pulled together their favourite pairings for you to try at home.


Delta Pinot Noir Rosé 2017 paired with Barrys Bay Havarti and Peppered Havarti 

Our dry, yet strawberry driven Rosé was a fantastic start to our pairing challenge.

The creamy texture and fruity strawberry notes of the wine made an excellent pairing with two cheeses. The Barrys Bay Havarti and the award winning Barrys Bay Peppered Havarti were both delicious pairings.

Something about the creamy texture of both of these cheeses excited the taste buds. Strawberry and cracked black pepper make for a beautiful pairing.


Delta Pinot Gris 2018 paired with Barrys Bay Peninsula Blue

This smooth, creamy and sharp blue cheese was a whiz-banger on the taste buds. The combination of these two reminded us of a pear and blue cheese walnut salad, complementing one another perfectly.
 The delicate pear flavours of the Pinot Gris were really highlighted by the sharpness of the Blue Cheese. Delicious!


Delta Sauvignon Blanc 2018 paired with Barrys Bay Aged Gouda

Originally a Dutch style cheese, this aged Gouda shows bold, creamy characteristics. Paired with our powerful and fruity Delta Sauvignon Blanc, the two flavours balanced each other harmoniously, with both continuing to show their key characteristics without any overpowering notes.  


Hatters Hill Chardonnay 2018 paired with Barrys Bay Maasdam

This stunning Maasdam cheese, originally Dutch but made in the Swiss style, is a semi-soft cheese and delighted our taste buds with its nutty, creamy and earthy characters.

Deliciously paired with our bold and velvety Hatters Hill Chardonnay, the creamy texture of the wine complemented the sweet and nutty characteristics of the cheese. 


Delta Merlot 2017 paired with Barrys Bay Wainui Special Vintage

A bold “cloth bound” Cheddar, the Waninui Special is aged longer than traditionally expected of a Cheddar cheese, leading to richer flavours. Its intense and earthy notes paired beautifully with our single vineyard Hawke’s Bay Merlot.

The Merlot’s bold characteristics of boysenberry, cocoa powder and dark plum worked hand in hand with the cheese's intensity and strength.


Delta Pinot Noir 2017 paired with Barrys Bay Canterbury Red

The Canterbury Red made in the English Double Gloucester style, is a smooth and flavour packed red. The creaminess of the cheese worked well with the delicate berries, and smoky, earthy characters of our classic Delta Pinot Noir.


Hatters Hill Pinot Noir 2017 paired with the Champion Flavoured Cheese: Barrys Bay Peppered Havarti 

Our trophy winning Pinot Noir paired beautifully with the champion flavoured cheese: Barrys Bay peppered Havarti. The spiciness and rich, earthy characters of the Pinot complemented the powerful pepper notes of the Harvarti like a dream!

So whether you are looking for inspiration for your next cheese board, or like us, are just obsessed with the pairing of wine and cheese, then we can’t recommend Barry’s Bay Cheese enough. Available from most New World, Countdown and Fresh Choice supermarkets around the country or order from them directly online.

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