A Rosé Time of Year

A Rosé Time of Year

Over the past five years, Rosé has become somewhat of a fledgling butterfly. Transforming itself from a traditional tipple, into a popular, delectable and mouth-watering beverage to be enjoyed by all.

Delta Rose 2019

Once associated with being a lesser quality wine made for non-wine drinkers, Rosé is now fast becoming a staple in any wine-drinking household.

Perfect for a summer’s day lunch, or a hot evening by the barbeque, Rosé has quickly found its feet in the ever complex world of wine.

The excitement facing Rosé consumers is the plethora of styles found within this range. From bone dry, to luscious and sweet, or light and sparkling, Rosé really is a wine that everyone can find enjoyment in.

Delta Rose 2019

Stylistically, Heather Stewart has crafted Delta’s 2019 signature Rosé in an appealing and fruity approach. Relatively dry, but with a little residual sugar (2.8g to be exact), our Rosé is elegant and structured.

Predominantly made with Pinot Gris grapes selected from Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, Heather added a small portion of ripened Malbec grapes into the blend- creating its delicate pink colour, whilst also adding to the weight of the palate.

Aromas of fresh raspberries, crisp apple and subtle cinnamon spice complement its lively palate of fresh summer berries and ripe apricots.

Perfectly paired with fresh crayfish or alongside a goats cheese salad, our 2019 Delta Rosé is one for you to share with your loved ones and enjoy in moderation.

Take a peek at our store, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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