• . . .alluring perfumes, beguiling. . .
    liveliness of fruit,
    and lightly toasted oak. . .
    allowing the best expression of the fruit
  • The Delta philosophy is to produce Pinot Noir with
    vibrant fruit, good tannin structure, excellent acidity
    and well integrated subtle oak
  • Named after Tom Hatter, an eccentric and colourful character
    who lived in rural Marlborough in the early 1900s.
    "Hatter's Hill" Pinot Noir is a selection of the best grapes
    grown on the hills of the Delta vineyard
  • An idea that had its genesis when Matt Thomson and David Gleave
    met during vintage in Italy in 1994
    led to the purchase of the Delta vineyard site in 2000

The Region

What makes Marlborough special?

New Zealand is blessed with three regions that excel in producing Pinot Noir. The first to emerge was Martinborough, where producers quickly established an international reputation for New Zealand Pinot Noir. Martinborough was followed by Central Otago, about 1000 km to the south, where a short growing season and hot summer temperatures ensure Pinots that burst with fruit.

Marlborough's identity has been slow to emerge, simply because of the success that the region's Sauvignon Blanc has enjoyed where this success with 'Savvy' has diverted growers' attention away from the demands required to produce first class Pinot.

Marlborough has a more regular growing season than either Martinborough or Central Otago. It has fewer of the southerly winds that create problems at flowering for growers in Martinborough or the frosts that occur in the more southerly Central Otago. The warm days and cool nights of Marlborough extend the growing season for Pinot, something that in turn gives the sort of black cherry perfumes that we look for from this wonderful variety.