The Delta story began in 2000 when friends and colleagues Matt Thomson, David Gleave and Neal Ibbotson purchased the Delta vineyard in Marlborough.

The Beginning

It all started in Italy in 1994 when Matt Thomson arrived to work his first vintage in northern Italy. It was here that he met David Gleave, a London-based importer of wines from around the world. Over several years and during the many long car journeys between wineries in Italy, Matt and David discussed at length the potential for Pinot Noir in Marlborough. Matt also spoke with his friend and colleague Neal Ibbotson, a Marlborough pioneering viticulturalist.

In 2000 Matt found a site that he felt was ideally suited to the production of top quality Pinot Noir. David and Neal didn't hesitate to join him in the enterprise, with the partnership being named The Delta Wine Company.